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Project Sub-Tasks

The task list is a series of subsidiary projects or tasks listed in scheduled order. Projects can be nested to any depth, with financial and statistical information percolating up through the tree for analysis. Check the everything is a project guide document for more information on system architecture. By default archived projects and meetings are not shown in this list, but can be made visible by setting the status code in the filter. Tasks which are part of a current sprint will be marked with an asterisk.

A breadcrumb trail of where we are in the project tree hierarchy can be seen below the menu, and you can navigate up or down the tree from here. Alternatively select project tree from the menu to see a more conventional tree layout. Tasks can also be viewed in a card or stack layout.

Sub-projects inherit the status code, priority and security marking from the parent, but this can be overridden by setting a sub-status code on the general info page of the project. Other elements are also inherited from the parent such as skills and any attached documents.

The project manager can create sub-tasks or projects, but this can also be delegated by setting task authority in general info. Settings allow creation by group members, project team members, or anyone else.

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