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Company Detail

Companies can be associated with projects, and used to search for related activities. Within a project resources section you can add one or more companies, and that project will automatically show up in the project list on the company page.

Any financial activity that occurs on related projects will also accrue in the company record and can be reviewed. Companies of any type can be linked to projects, whether that be a supplier, customer, partner or other. If different relationships are required, then the terminology can be changed in the language literals.

Company records are also a way to keep track of contacts, company structure and any products being used. Contact records may contain reporting lines and associations which allows to data to be represented as an organisation chart. Organisation charts, as with other charts in AlchemyWorks Projects, can be downloaded as SVG images for inclusion in reports and presentations. Products recorded against a company include version, quantity and memo information for reference. Documents may also be linked to company records.

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