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User Home Page

The user home page or dashboard lists projects and tasks that are of current interest to the user, either as project manager, member or group participant. This normally excludes projects that have time or dependency constraints, and cannot yet be worked on. Also shown are any projects sponsored by us, or of special interest and any alerts or system messages. All other projects can be seen in the main project tree, subject to security constraints and permissions.

Projects which aren't shown here due to time or dependency constraints will still be visible in the calendar views, such as agenda or week view. Alerts can also be seen in the global system alerts report.

System messages are created under the settings menu, and can be set to only display during a specific time window, and can be restricted to users assigned a particular locale. Users with appropriate permissions are able to see which messages have been viewed and/or dismissed.

Note that new projects and tasks are not created here, but should be created either at the project tree root, or underneath an existing project.

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