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Project Documents

Documents can be associated with projects or tasks. All project related information is available and ready to hand for team members, no need to go off searching archives or packed email boxes for that specification.

Documents can be uploaded files, folders, external links to web resources, or managed email conversations. Emails associated with a number of authorized subscribers, capture email discussions for a controlled centralized view.

By default documents attached to projects will be automatically inherited by any created sub-projects, although these can then be unlinked if desired. There is no additional overhead for linked documents, and you can link existing documents to any project or task. Resources are only released when the last link to a document if removed.

Version control applies to the linked documents, so no matter where the document is linked from, you always see the latest version (or historic releases if you do need to refer to them). All documents are also linked into a global register for ease of access.

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