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Project Tree Browser

This is the root of the project tree, which is represented here as an expandable list.

Projects are arranged in a hierarchy, with each project potentially broken down into sub-projects to an arbitrary depth.

Projects and tasks can be moved around the hierarchy by dragging and dropping.

Time and financial metrics percolate up the tree for aggregated reporting and analysis at any level.

Create whole businesses, locations, departments or product lines as projects in order to segregate activity for reporting.

Tasks are essentially nothing more than simple projects with only a title and possibly a work duration defined. Milestones are defined as projects which have no remaining or completed work duration values.

Click on the project title to edit the project, or use the [G] link for a quick gantt chart view using default parameters. More controls are available to customize the gantt view under the project timeline tab.

Alternative views are available for the project hierarchy, including card layouts and a set of stacks. These also support drag and drop.

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