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User Maintenance

User accounts are needed to access the system, and allow a single concurrent session.

The user maintenace screen is where we set some key user parameters such as role, security clearance and locale. The role determines which parts of the system the user is able to see, and authority levels. The clearance (if used) gives access to protectively marked objects, and is also able to control password complexity. Although it is possible to manually set a password here, it is advised to use Password Reset, which sends a time limited single use token to the user email address.

The locale setting is useful when assigning team members to projects, and also determines the timezone in which the user works. The timezone can be over-ridden here for when the user is travelling, but the timezone derived from the locale is used for scheduling. If the location change is more prolonged or permanent, the the locale itself should be changed rather than just the timezone.

The Context Help and Field Hint options allow these prompts to be enabled for new users, even when not enabled at system level. System settings also contains a default for user locale if not specified in the user record. The highlight changes field sets the duration of time within which a record change is considered recent. Recently changed records in lists are notated with an asterisk.

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