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Project Status Workflow

Status codes apply to projects, and determine their type (in terms of how, or if they are dynamically scheduled), and also their default display mode. The display mode affects how much of a project is visible, such as whether risk or change management is needed. Status types of active or planning will be dynamically scheduled, with all active tasks scheduled before planning ones, subject to other time and dependency constraints, and in priority order.

Status codes can be strung together in workflows, constraining a project's possible state transitions. If workflow rules exist for a status code, then projects at this status will constrain the list of status codes the project can be changed to in the general dialog (unless the user role permissions allow any state transition, although rule flows will still be highlighted).

If a project status code transition matches one of the workflow rules, then a number of automatic changes can be made to the project such as change of owner, priority or position in the project tree hierarchy.

If the status code is incorporated within a workflow sequence, the possible transition states, both preceeding and proceeding this one, will be shown here.

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