Implementing a picking list (eg Shopping)
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How could I implement a picking list (eg Shopping) ?

It is not uncommon to want a simple list of things to be ticked off, how could we do this ?

First let's create a couple of status codes, one called Picking and another called Picked. We'll make the Picking one type Complete so it doesn't get scheduled, or show up in the home page lists. We'll make the Picked one type Archive so that it doesn't show up in sub-project lists. They can both be a Basic display type, it's only the title we will probably be interested in.

For good measure we'll add a couple of workflow rules, one that changes Picking to Picked, and another in the reverse direction. This creates a button in the tasks to make transition from/to picked easier.

Now in a project we want to contain the list we'll change the Sub-Status field to Picking. This means that any new tasks created under that project will assume the status type of Picking.

That's about it, note that although picked items will disappear from view, you can still see them by using the filter in the project console to select tasks by status - select Archive to see the hidden picked items.

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