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Email integration and discussion documents

Date: 28th September, 2018

AlchemyWorks Projects now integrates with your email to capture project related discussions, so you no longer have to trawl your inbox to keep track of what is going on.

Implementation is via the document management system, so discussions can be attached to projects or companies at any point within the hierarchy just like any other document type. The same discussion can be pinned to multiple projects or tasks so you don't end up with diverging threads or gaps in the conversation.

To create a discussion just create a document as normal, but select type email. The title of the document becomes the subject of the discussion thread.

Then add subscribers to this discussion and indicate if they are to be copied on any thread updates. Users can also opt-out of updates via their personal preferences. Only subscribers added to the discussion are allowed to contribute to it. Subscribers do not need to be system users, third parties can be invited to a discussion.

Additions to the thread can be made via the web interface, or simply by replying to any of the emails sent from it.

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